812 different solitaire games

Here are some examples:

More than 60 beautiful card sets

Here are some examples:

Many Themes to change the game appearance

Here are some examples:

Lots of advanced features, options and statistics

SolSuite features a lot of options, such as:

  • Millions of possible games to play for each SolSuite game!
  • "Suggest a move" command to show a "legal move"
  • Unique Scoring System and Statistics with 3D Graphics
  • Create your solitaire games with the "Rules Wizard"
  • Customize Card Sets, Card Backs and Backgrounds
  • Unlimited levels of the undo/redo
  • Ability to save, load and restart games
  • High-quality on-line help
  • Select a game number
  • Show hidden cards
  • Select your favorite games
  • Setting sounds and winning animation

and many more!