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Building Pyramids

Original Solitaire

Game info: Mathematical games type; 1 deck (52 cards); 3 redeals

  • Game time: Medium
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Skill level: Mostly chance
  • Chance of winning: Very low; about 1 in 200; 0.5%

Object of the game: To discard all the cards of the stock following the rules of the game.

Solitaire Rules

Set Up

  • Each pyramid is formed by 15 cards. At the start of the game, 5 cards are dealt face up to the 5th row, leaving 10 empty spaces in the above rows.

Tableau (15 piles)

  • Each pyramid must be built, row by row, from bottom to top.

  • For each pair of cards in a lower row, place a card with a value equal to the sum of the pair in the row above.

  • When the sum exceeds 13, the value of the required card is found by subtracting 13 from the sum (for example, if the sum is 23, that is 10 more than 13, the required card must be a 10).

  • The following is an example of a complete pyramid:

  • In the above scheme, the 6 in the 4th row has been placed above the 10 and the 9 of the 5th row because 10 + 9 = 19; 19 - 13 = 6.

  • When a pyramid is complete, it is automatically discarded (to the top-right pile).

  • Five more cards are automatically dealt from the stock to the bottom pyramid row.

Reserve (3 piles)

  • Cards from the waste that might become useful can be placed in the reserve piles.

  • Only one card at a time is allowed in each reserve pile.

Stock (top left)

  • Turn up one card at a time from the stock to the waste by clicking.

  • Three redeals are permitted (four deals in all).

Waste (1 pile, to the right of the stock)

  • The top card is available for play.

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