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Original Solitaire

Game info: Non-Builders games type; 2 decks; 3 redeals

  • Game time: Long
  • Difficulty level: Hard
  • Skill level: Mostly skill
  • Chance of winning: Low (about 1 in 15)

Object of the game: To eliminate all the cards of the stock by "connecting" them in the tableau.

Solitaire Rules

Tableau (a grid of 4 rows of 5 cards each and 2 columns of 4 cards each at the sides).

  • Place the cards from the stock, one by one, on any empty space of your choosing.

  • Connect any two cards from the external columns (the first and the last) by using cards from the tableau that are of the same rank or one rank higher or lower than the previous card chosen (click on them from left to right, starting with the left-hand column). The cards must be adjacent - either horizontally, vertically or diagonally (any two cards which touch top to bottom, side to side, or diagonally at the corners).

  • Once all cards that have been connected, click on them (from left to right) to remove it to the waste pile. Two new cards from the stock will automatically fill the blank spaces of the external columns.

  • Once placed, a card cannot be moved.

  • Only one card per grid square is allowed.


  • The top card is available for play to the tableau piles.

  • After all possible plays have been made, click the redeal button.

  • There are three redeals (four deals in all).

Waste (One pile)

  • When a sequence have been created it will removed automatically to the waste.


  • A score over 100 is good; 150 is excellent; you win if you score 200 points or more (theoretically, the maximum score is 416 points).

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