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Knights Errant

Original Solitaire

Game info: Puzzle game type; one partial deck (16 cards); no redeal

  • Game time: Quick
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Skill level: Mostly skill
  • Chance of winning: High; about 1 in 3; 33.3%

Object of the game: To exchange places of the black and the red Jacks and obtain four columns of Jacks in alternating colors in the fewest possible moves.

Solitaire Rules

Tableau (16 cards in 4 rows of 4)

  • You can interchange Jack positions as often as you please until you obtain the desired result.

  • To switch the position of two Jacks, click on a Jack and drag the card to the location you wish to place it.

  • Jacks (Knights) move according to the chess rule: "from corner to diagonally-opposite corner of a rectangle three squares by two"; in other words, Jacks move one place up, down or sideways plus one place diagonally.

  • The game is won if all the Jacks are arranged in alternating color, as shown in the following scheme:
    JJ JJ
    JJ JJ
    JJ JJ
    JJ JJ

  • The game is considered won if you finish the game within 8 moves.


  • The game starts at: - 52.

  • 10 points are awarded for each card correctly placed.

  • 5 points are deducted for each move.

  • The highest score obtainable is 108.

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