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Seven Up

Game info: Row games type; 1 deck; no redeal

Alternate names: Seventh Wonder, The Magic Seven.

  • Game time: Quick
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Skill level: Mostly chance
  • Chance of winning: Very high (about 4 in 5)

Object of the game: To discard all combinations of cards that total 7 or a multiple of 7.

Solitaire Rules

  • Deal cards, one at a time, by clicking on the stock.

  • Discard any combination (doublets, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) of adjacent cards totaling 7 or a multiple of 7 (14, 21, 28, 35, etc.). Discard Sevens singularly.

  • Jacks count as 11, Queens count as 12, Kings count as 13 and Aces count as 1.

  • To win the game you must discard all the cards.

  • There is no redeal.

Note about the number 7:

  • In a suite of 13 cards the total number of rank values amounts to 91. This divided by 7, gives the number of cards in the suite (13). In an entire deck the number of rank values is 364, and this divided by 7 gives 52, the number of cards in a full deck. The average value of a card, therefore, counting by rank, is 7.

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